Saturday, February 23, 2013

update & some favorites

This past week has been the best. I turned 31 and was surrounded by all of my favorite people (obviously a few were out of, dad, ems, krista) but it truly was a week to remember and I got spoiled. Here are a few of my favorite items this week. Maybe you'll pick these up for yourself or these are great ideas for gifts..enjoy

My parents have started this dish collection for me from Anthropologie and I looove it. If you know me, you know that I'm a little obsessed with bowls, dishes, you name it. I'm in love.

Speaking of love..remember when I talked about this quilt that I just loved? Well little Ms Abby is going to whip it up for me and I can't wait.

Marta had done a 12 day countdown to my birthday and I was spoiled by all the are some favorites. Lush Ocean Salt Scrub (I used it the first time last night and love it), glass bird paperweight reminds me of my little bird and grandma June, bumble&bumble texture creme, oh and this bed head conditioner so dreamy, I'm in love with this candle..simply the best (can find these at Anthropologie or Got Beauty)

My Aunt spoiled me and bought these shoes from J crew so cute and I cannot wait to wear them..thanks Jo

The hubby always makes my birthday so special and I got to go shopping baby free (a few times)..I picked up a few items like these comfy tees and this finally came out on dvd..I'm obsessed.

First week being 31 has been pretty good.
Happy shopping


Anonymous said...
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Polly said...

looks like you had a great week! those tees look so comfy! see you soon.

marta said...

cutest pic ever! best birthday twin ever! so fun to celebrate with you, whit. lets do it again in september! :)

Anonymous said...
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