Wednesday, March 20, 2013

hiking and waffles

Wren, me, Dave-Little Cottonwood

Wren & Dad
Wren's new toys
We've been busy and luckily last week the weather was so warm... we had to take advantage of it because I hear there is snow in our future..ugh.
The picture above and on the left were taken in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We broke out the hiking backpack and Wren loved every minute of our hike, even fell asleep as we were hiking down. She's just the cutest little thing.

Tomorrow we are heading down south to Moab. Wren's been surrounded by all of our climbing gear as we've been getting ready and found her new favorite toy.. Jason couldn't be more thrilled. We are excited but before we head down we made sure to stop at the park with some family and stuff our faces with some awesome waffles.

It's going to be a good family vacation.

Happy Wednesday
Wren with family at the park with her toys

At Bruges eating some waffles

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Polly said...

have fun and be safe!