Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This last week we've...

Been snuggling a lot with dad..(don't they look alike?? so cute I love this picture)

Been sick..Wren & I both have these colds and I don't see an end to it..good thing it's a little rainy and we get to stay in our pj's 

Been reading a lot of stories..Goodnight Goon is a favorite 

Been staring at my metal boards above my desk with pictures of my family, letters, quotes..I'm a grateful blessed girl

Been making pb&j's with dad

been pretty cute, pretty active little babes

been to Park City and back..enjoying our anniversary together in the mountains, eating and shopping..it was the best day, thank you Jas


mama jo said...

looks like fun...and she still looks like you...

Polly said...

i love all your pictures. cutest little girl in the world, with two cute parents.