Monday, December 3, 2012

confused, frustrated & so busy

Lately we've been super busy and I have so many pictures to share! The problem is I have no space on my blogger? Confused and frustrated..photoshop has become my best friend but also my worst enemy. I thought I knew computers, but once I size down all my pictures I'll be back to share those Thanksgiving pictures of us playing chinese checkers and a million of my little babes..she's already 6 months! I can't believe it. Last night she woke up to the thunder and I held that little babes in my arms knowing that she's not going to stay this tiny forever. I can't wait for her to run around, play and talk but last night I wanted her to stay like this forever. I've been blessed with one really happy, adorable little babe. 
This past week I went to Marta's for a lesson in photoshop (I think I need one more lesson Mart) and she gave me a early Christmas present which I about died when I saw it..I'm a sucker for anything yoga..go here to see. I'm getting ready for Christmas...still have a few things on my shopping list and I'm hoping to tackle Abby's sewing machine..wish me luck the last time I was on her sewing machine was when I made Jason a quilt about 5 years ago and I said that was the last time I'm doing it! I'm giving it another try. Tonight we have our Bagley family Christmas party which I'm so excited for. Jason is going to be one popular guest there...(more on that later).

Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to our little Sammy


Polly said...

my sympathy goes out to you and anything to do with blogging and pictures. be glad you didn't lose any. but miss seeing my little wren each day. thanks for making my christmas bright with my 12 days of christmas!!!!!

Polly said...
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