Sunday, December 16, 2012


So I haven't had a lot of time to play around with the pictures and when I did it ended with frustration. Luckily the pictures on my phone are happily fitting on the blog..hopefully soon you'll see some pictures of Christmas parties and some real cute ones of the babes...she's getting bigger but she's still pretty teeny.

This past week we've been getting ready for Christmas, it's starting to snow a lot these days but before that big storm hit last night Jas and I went to my favorite Blue Plate where as usual I ordered my black bean breakfast burrito. Jas ordered chicken fried steak which I hadn't had since hot lunch in my elementary days.

It's been a good month so yoga classes have ended this semester, we've had family in town and last night we had our cousin's girls night (more on that later).

This week will probably go by fast and Christmas will be here in no time. I can't's a great time of year. 
Happy Sunday


taryn.l said...

Justin loves the chicken fried steak at blue plate!

Polly said...

i miss your pictures!