Wednesday, January 30, 2013

8 months

I'm no expert of being a mom..I've actually thought that the moment she was born and ever since then almost 8 months ago I've been open to the thought that I'm learning each and every single day. 
This little girl of mine is my daughter (it's so cool to say that) where I have to help shape her life, how she views people, situations, herself. I want more than anything for my little Wren to have a good sense of who she is, to be confident, to have self love, to be strong, to have a good sense of humor and to love all those in her life. 
Right now that last comment is easy...Wren gets excited when I or Jason walks in the room. She doesn't care what I look like, if I've showered or not. She just smiles at me every morning when she wakes up, she smiles at me when I call her name or give her a kiss. She's a happy little girl and I hope every day she looks at life with fresh eyes like she has done for the past 8 months. 

For myself as a mom to this adorable little person..I did myself a favor and I put down the "how to books" and began listening to my heart. I know this little girl is growing up so fast..she's already crawling and getting teeth. So I've made it a goal to really enjoy her at this moment. I may rock her more than most, I may opt not to get ready and just lay in my bed with this babe, giving and getting kisses, listening to her little baby voice. I've always wanted to look back on these days with no regret and know that I've taken it all in. I'm just following my mother instincts.

As I was thinking about this post, I was rocking my little girl to sleep, holding her hand, kissing her cheeks. I looked over and saw this framed reminder of what my cousin Heidi wrote to me and gave me at my baby shower. I remember reading it for the first time and I bawled (most of it was the pregnant hormones that we are all blessed with) but it says it all and it's perfect and it still makes me cry...

"Motherhood is the best change your body will go through. 
When you're a mom, suddenly the world is hopeful, happy, an amazing place to raise your child. 
Memories are brighter, and every tiny second starts to count. 
You're measuring your baby in days, months, years. 
The mind of a mother is never her own. 
And now, as you have this tiny little girl in your arms you'll see that you are her life, her example, her nurturer..perfect or not. 
And the beauty is, she doesn't care. She just needs you. Your love is perfect for her. And it doesn't change, if she's a newborn, 7, 28, 50... 
You'll always be her mother. What an honor. What a privilege. It's pure joy. 
You'll learn more about you everyday and you're going to be awesome." 

(Heidi-you have always been so wise..thanks for making me cry every time I read this.)

So to one mom to the next..enjoy that little babe of yours, try not to put yourself down and enjoy all the little and big things because they just grow up way to fast..good thing I'll always be her mom and I'm so blessed that she's always going to be my daughter.

Happy (almost) 8 months little bird of mine


marta said...

sounds like you are an expert, mama whit! i love your words about little wren and your hopes and dreams for her. i think trusting your instincts as a mom is the number one HOW-TO talent to develop. way to rock it. she is on her way to greatness!!

Polly said...

beautiful! Wren is blessed to have you for her mom. spending time rocking, snuggling and holding your baby is the best time you will ever have with her. You are a natural at being a mom, you don't need to read the how-to's.

Polly said...
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