Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend with February

Oh Hello February...

February is a fun month for's a short one, a birthday one, and it's full of love. 
Last month brought so much snow I felt like we would never get out of the house, but this weekend brought some sunshine and we got out and besides getting snowed in for the last week or so..we've been quite busy. My little girl has been busy being super cute and super busy..see these adorable pictures below

We went over to my mom & dads for a little visit and this little babe sure wasn't camera shy

Went to dinner with dad after we helped with a painting project

My little model in her new adorable hat..oh my heck she just so cute

So we were busy painting, cleaning, running around doing errands, visiting family, game night..I even had time this morning to teach a yoga class at the Lululemon store and loved every minute of it. 
It's been a great weekend.
Happy Sunday

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Kerry June said...

She looks just like you. I love her