Monday, January 7, 2013


Wren looking at lights

This little babe of mine is my world..the last few weeks have been busy and this little bird is a busy one. Lately she hasn't been interested in any of her toys but more like plugs, shoes, rugs that I don't want her to touch. She's one determined babe and I love that look in her eyes as she see something and knows that she'll do anything to get to it. Tomorrow I'll start teaching again which I'm excited and nervous..I'm always nervous the day before classes..its like I've forgotten that I've done this about a million times. Maybe today Wren and I will just take it easy and maybe she'll help me make dinner or maybe we'll bundle up and go for a's been so cold outside and we've missed our walks. Here's a few..a lot of pictures of the past few weeks (some in December).

Happy Monday

The hubby & I have taken up the game of chess we're addicted

Before Christmas my cousin's got together for our Bagley cousin party, we did yoga, ate and exchanged our favorite things. Its becoming a party that I look forward to every year (mine & marta's feet)

Have I mentioned that my Wreny Babe is doing awesome in the car?!! She hasn't been the little screamer that I've come to know..I'm one happy mama

This little babe found out her nose can move..she's been doing this face ever since and I love it

Wren and her new beanie which she is pretty adorable in..thanks Grandma and Gramps

Before Christmas Eve we found ourselves in Fountain Green with the Rasmussen's. So much fun with the family playing games, making food, being together

Wren found dad's new rock climbing shoes..just a matter of time before she owns a pair

Hubby making me some breakfast hash

Wren at the doctors office loving the fish tank

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Polly said...

thanks for the pictures, am missing wren.