Monday, February 24, 2014

Eleven thousand six hundred and eighty something days

Christmas has come and gone, our apartment is feeling a little more smaller now with new kid cars and toys. My baby is becoming more of a toddler now. Running, talking, her hair getting longer, her crib turning into a bed. Then all of a sudden it's 2014, snow storms, new classes to teach, turning 32 and then it felt like spring today. These last few months have gone by so fast and today it hit me. I've always thought I was good to really enjoy each moment..  I even based Wren's first year on living each moment to the fullest.. But then life keeps going and we get stuck in routine, lack of sleep, doubt, negativity, then we get a moment of motivation, then back to the routine and reality television. 
My life is full of good things, great blessings but I think lately I've been in a routine of negativity or maybe it's just those January blues. It wasn't until I got my birthday card from Jason last week that made me snap out of it.. he wrote, "I want you to know how grateful I am for each of the eleven thousand six hundred and eighty days that you have made this world a better place." Not only is that the sweetest thing to hear from Jason who most of the time expresses his affection through lovable teasing but knowing that I've been here for eleven thousand six hundred and eighty something days.. and I can make each day better, each moment that much better even if its surrounded by negativity or a toddler tantrum. I guess what I'm trying to say on this sleepless night that we have each day to live to the fullest and I better start enjoying it..all the little things, the snow storms, the long days, early mornings, the crying, the doubt, the happiness in everything...even if it starts to become a loving routine... enjoy it

Happy February 

Capturing one of Wren's many looks-January 2014


mama jo said...

when you have someone that darling to look at every should always have a smile on your face!!! (remember that when she does something that makes you crazy!!!)

Polly said...

Good to remember that each minute makes up those thousands of days make the most of each precious moment you have