Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hello December

Hello December! How did this happen so quick. Last week we were eating turkey and making grandma's stuffing. Now we are making Christmas list, shopping, staying cozy inside while it's freezing outside. Christmas is going to be here in no time and I'm excited for it. Wren still doesn't really have any idea what's going on, but she loves seeing lights, dancing to Christmas music, and really hates Santa. Here's to the past couple of weeks (go to my Instagram for more pictures whitneyras) and more to look forward too:

*New couch means extra cuddling under Christmas quilts
*Black Friday was actually really fun when you miss the crowds and go with your twin
*Seeing the lights before it become 0 degrees outside
*Happy St Nick Day
*Cousin night in just a few days
*Yoga and more yoga
*Loving this album and a few songs for my yoga classes
*This bowl..thanks Marta
*Christmas cards (will post soon)
*Christmas parties & traditions

Even though this month is cold, gets super busy and super crazy, it's one of my favorite times and it's so much fun with my little Wrenny baby running around and actually reacting to seeing things for the very first time. 

Happy December


Kerry June said...

Can't wait for the Christmas card and cousin party. Will be so fun. And I just love this picture

Polly said...

Nothing more fun than having your own cute baby to surprise and enjoy the wonders of christmas with