Tuesday, August 12, 2014

a year ago

This past week I've been trying to download new photos of our summer, camping trips, playing outside and I've been getting notices like, "scratch disc to full, "Iphoto not able to download" etc, etc. Sadly something is wrong with my computer and while waiting for our appointment to get things working right I've been looking at old pictures. The one above of Wren was taken last summer. It was a raining day like the ones we've been having and it melts my heart. It's amazing how fast she's growing up. She's still petite but her legs are getting longer, instead of the little top knot on her head it's now a bun with some full hair. She's been talking, screaming, getting some sass and I'm in love. 
I have a couple of weeks off from teaching and I've been finding myself taking naps with her, cuddling watching movies, taking walks up City Creek Canyon. Having a toddler around is pretty awesome, I'm tired and I get frustrated of course but wow what wonder comes from seeing the world in her little eyes. She's one little girl with a huge heart and makes my life more complete. So until I get this computer up and running enjoy these little blues and cross your fingers.

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Polly said...

what a beautiful little girl. She's grown so much in this last year. Love watching her as she discovers the world!