Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cousin's night

Abby, Marta, Anna, Amy, Polly, & Me
This Friday we had cousin's night. I don't know about you guys, but I love my cousins and we have always been so close growing up. Now that we are getting older, some of us are married, some have little kiddos and some were married into our family and have become part of our own, we felt that it was time to get together before the Christmas craziness. 

We had a little mini yoga session, we ate some good food and went back for a lot of 2nd's, exchanged our favorite gifts to our favorite girlies and had a little power outage. It was truly a night to remember. Thank you girls and little Josh for making the night so much fun. 
Marta holding Brooke's baby cute

Yummy food 

exchanged gifts by candle light

Me, Meg, Sarah, Katie, Amy


Kerry June said...

i'm still kinda sad i didn't make it. it looks like you all had so much fun!

Polly said...

it was the best Christmas party ever!

Polly said...
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whit said...

Kerry you were was a lot of fun just like what my mom said. We will do again and you need to be there!!

marta said...

thanks for totally doing this whole party for me!! couldn't have pulled it off without you and your yoga was the best.

Katie said...

such a fun night, thanks for the yoga whit!