Friday, December 16, 2011


I'm a little obsessed with quilts. My sister not only sews the quilts, she quilts them. Her quilting room is a dream come true for all you fabric lovers. It's filled with old and very new fabric that I adore. I have a feeling that my sister is a little worried to show me her new projects because I always want them. She has this talent that I completely take advantage of and I just love everything she does.

So when she showed me her Christmas star quilts I had to have one. I mean she was keeping one, it just made sense to have the other one..right? It is my new cozy addition that I've been snuggling with while my apartment is in boxes. I'm happy to report that she has a few items in her etsy store that I completely adore and am keeping my eye on. Perfect for the upcoming holiday. 

Happy snuggling.

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Polly said...

they are gorgeous!