Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quilts & a baby

Most of you know that I have one talented sister who knows how to sew, has an eye for the best looking fabrics and her quilts are made with perfection. She may not see her perfection, but I do and everyone else does. She will stay up all night finishing a quilt, not only because it needs to get done for a client but she also loves doing it. 
Last month I was a little snob saying I didn't have enough of her quilts..(who says that when I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by her quilts) 
The truth is I just can't get enough..nothing is better than cuddling with your babe with the coziest quilt on a cold winter day. 
This week my little Wreny babe is super sick and what's kept me going is our naps together and we're usually napping under one of Abby's quilts...and days like the ones we've been having nothing seems more comforting than some hot soup, a cozy quilt and watching Seinfeld episodes. 

It's amazing watching Abby whip up one of these creations and I'm envious of her talent, her patience, and her dedication for these quilts which just makes her that good at what she does. 
So I was reading her blog and noticed that she's doing a little giveaway which ends this coming Monday and if I were you I would comment and I would cross my little fingers that you would be so lucky to get one of these beauties. Because truth be's just warms up your home when they are around. I really am lucky that's she's my sister not only because she's one of my best friends, but she's pretty talented and lets me cozy up with the best of her quilts...thanks Abigail. 

Ps..below are links to my favorites quilts
pps..she also has an etsy shop..great for valentine gifts, mothers days, birthdays, etc

These are a few of my favorites quilts:

Wreny baby sleeps under this beauty

I'm in love with this one

Nothing says Christmas like this quilt with my baby on it

Speaking of Christmas..Abby made this favorite for Marta and I'm still in love

I'm still dreaming of this one

My little neon baby is pretty adorable playing on this quilt

So cute..I love this one

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