Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Wren

We celebrated our bird on Saturday with the best party with the best people. We had the party in my parent's backyard which is always perfect, always gorgeous. 

It was such a perfect day with our families and close friends. 
We ate, we played, we hit a pinata, ate some more and sang a special song to my birthday girl. Jason's mom made the perfect cake for our little one and the rest of the party ate another goody (our wedding cake..thats right I ordered my cake that I've been craving all these years)

It truly was a magical happy day for our little Wren. 
She has blessed us in more ways that I can even count and I am grateful for her little laugh, her little voice, her tiny little body, the way she brightens my day every single morning.

Happy Birthday Wren

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Polly said...

it was a perfect day!